WiFi Service is a Professional, Concise, Elegant, Practical and Powerful WiFi management tool App !


  • A clear list showing the surrounding WiFi access point information and the details of the currently connected WiFi;

  • WiFi Channel graph can provide guidance and help you optimize your router's network communication;

  • WiFi LAN neighbors, detect all clients currently connected to this WiFi, anti-mite network, compatible with all routers;

  • WiFi signal line graph showing the trend of surrounding WiFi signals in real time;

  • The combination of graph sounds, looking for the geographical location of the specified WiFi;

  • Directly view the WiFi name and corresponding password saved by the mobile phone system;

Taste it and you will love it !

If you have any suggestions and/or opinion, plz don't be shy, feel free to speak freely, I will be glad to hear your feedback :-)